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Zinc Rich Paints


RUST CLEANING & REMOVAL Process by BRUSHING APPLICATION : The VERTICAL & Standing Galvanized Steel Structures, Support Structures, get rusted due to OXIDATION in Humid, Damp & Moisture in the Atmosphere. This Rust MUST BE REMOVED before applying any kind of Paint. RUSTOGEL is a Phosphoric Acid based DERUSTING GEL (Viscous Brushable Liquid). It is applied by Brushing all over the Rested MS / GI Fabrication. It is allowed to react with the rust for 10 to15 Min. This Loosens the rust. This treated surface is Water Washed neatly and IMMEDIATLE Dried by using Compressed Air Blow. The structure MUST BE PAINTED WITHIN 8 Hours. RUSTOGEL is a water based Acidic Cleaner, is RoHS Compliant & Safe for Workmen. RUSTOGEL is offered at Rs 70 Per Kg in 35 Kg HDPE Carbuos Packing+Vat Ex Pune works.


These products offer a uniform ZINC METAL POWDER Coating on all MS and Galvanized Metal . When used as recommended, ZINC RICH PAINTS offer 15 to 20 years of Total Corrosion Free surface. We offer FOUR PRODUCTS in this range. ZINKOTE 20 GP & PREMIUM & TEFKOTE 21 ( PTFE Teflon Blended Zinc Rich Paints Grades are offered in 20 Litres Packing Can Ex Pune . THINNER for ZINC RICH PAINTS : Toluene ; XYLENE , Stoving ( Bhatti ) Thinner or NC Thinner No 1 or 2 . DO NOT USE GP Thinner / MTO. This will GEL with Paint.

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Founded by Prof PRADEEP VAIDYA in the year 1994, Promtech Group consists of A Manufacturing Wing ( INNOVATIVE COATING INDUSTRIES at MIDC, Pimpri, Pune and a CONSULTANCY FIRMS which offers START-UP for Young Graduates, TECHNOCRATS on VRS, Tiny and SSI Chemicals manufacturers who are planning expansion.

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